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Alco Bio Fuel - processwater

Full water outsourcing for Alco Bio Fuel (Ghent)

New bio ethanol plant benefits from full outsourcing to Induss I.

The challenge

Explore and document alternatives.

Alco Bio Fuel in Ghent, Belgium, had plans for a new plant dedicated to the production of bio ethanol, a new area of activity for them. As they wanted to focus their investment and attention on this challenging new project, they asked Water-link to explore and document alternatives to their current water management. Bio ethanol production requires various water types, including process and cooling water.

The solution

The cost-efficiency of full outsourcing.

With maximum customer involvement (but minimal required time effort on their part), Water-link conducted and presented an in-depth study of water management alternatives, exploring the potential use of ground water, rainwater, surface water or even tap water.

The result was a recommendation to fully outsource the new plant’s water supply to a water plant entirely operated by Water-link.

The proposal consisted of a water purification solution based on available surface water, backed up by the local main water supplier. Water-link would develop and manage the project from start to finish.

A clear financial outline offered Alco Bio Fuel full transparency, and they accepted this outsourcing proposal as the most cost-efficient and secure alternative to in-house water management.

The plant came online in the summer of 2008, less than a year after the start of the project