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Joint venture for CO2 recycling

Water-link guarantees quality of cooling water and reliability of installations.

Beco2 is a joint venture between industrial gas supplier Messer and IJsfabriek Strombeek. Since 2008 they recover CO2 together.

The recovery unit is located on the Ineos Oxide site in Zwijndrecht. There, CO2 is collected from Ineos' chemical plants, where ethylene and oxygen react to form ethylene dioxide and CO2 is formed as a by-product. The installation has a recovery capacity of 150,000 tons of CO2 per year, the equivalent of 60,000 cars that would have been removed from traffic. The recovery unit of Beco2 captures CO2 and ensures that it is made pure and liquid. The liquid CO2 is stored in tanks and then used to supply customers in the Benelux. Beco2 has its own cooling towers, but Water-link is responsible for monitoring the network, on-site analysis, the selection of parameters and the quality control of the cooling water.

As an independent technology supplier, Water-link has opted for the most appropriate treatment, which means that the chemicals usage is reduced to a minimum.

Water-link also has its own team of stand-by technicians, available around the clock, so that customer can be confident that the cooling water is of good quality. In this way the reliability of the installations and operations is guaranteed.