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Purifying water for the industry can be done at a central location. The water from different companies is then collected through a pipeline network and treated jointly in a central water treatment plant.

The joint purification of waste water offers many advantages. Usually a higher degree of efficiency can be achieved with lower energy consumption. One waste water can also supplement the other, so that expensive additives do not have to be used. Moreover, after purification, the water can be reprocessed into process water, so that companies can use it again. Usually, these benefits result in an economical advantage.

The installation can be built offsite, which saves space. In case of (petro)chemical industry, this results in a lower investment and operational costs as well, due to very strict safety procedures at these sites (e.g. ATEX zones).

Water-link can develop, build and operate such an installation from A to Z and already has experience with the construction of a central water treatment plant for different companies.