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Chemical company in Belgian port

Professional help was welcome

Intensive audit leads to more efficiency and reliability

The chemical company in a Belgian port that we are talking about here produces raw materials for plastics and paint.

The challenge

reducing extremely high operating costs

At this chemical company, where brackish water is treated to obtain different qualities of process water, they had a lot of problems with their installations. These led to a lack of efficiency, a lot of maintenance costs and excessive use of (expensive) drinking water as back-up. All of that made the operating costs hit the roof. The company consulted Induss and asked to thoroughly analyze the situation.

The solution

an audit that led to a 13-step action plan

For three months, Induss conducted an intensive audit, including company visits, the investigation and analysis of various data, on-the-spot interviews and benchmarking of the situation in relation to other similar Induss installations. The research led to crystal-clear conclusions.

The effects of biological activity were strongly underestimated in the design and operation of the system.

Comparable Induss installations generally required five times less maintenance or replacement of membranes.

Several crucial protection mechanisms were overlooked for small capex savings (capital expenditure), which led to strongly increased opex (ongoing expenses).

This resulted in a 13-step action plan that was presented to the customer.

For example, instructions were been drawn up for optimizing maintenance procedures and monitoring biological activities.

Adjusted guidelines were introduced for operational actions.

A limited investment program was also developed with a priority list to bridge the initial shortcomings in the design.