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Chemical water treatment

In addition to mechanical pre-treatment of water, the chemical after-treatment of water is often necessary to prevent corrosion, deposits and microbiological growth in various industrial installations. Examples are the chemical water treatment of steam boilers, cooling towers, condensers.

That is why the choice of water treatment has a direct influence on the life of the boiler.

The presence of minimum amounts of calcium, salts or oxygen will - depending on the operating pressure of steam boilers - inevitably cause deposits or corrosion. A chemical water treatment will reduce that corrosion and deposition pressure, so that the systems can continue to work optimally without unexpected downtime. In addition, the service life of the installations will also be maximized.

The water-link engineers can assist you in the chemical water treatment of cooling systems and steam boilers. On the basis of an extensive screening of the water source, an appropriate chemical water treatment is proposed, taking into account any discharge requirements for the waste water.