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Matching water availability to industrial needs (Dynea)

Water-link offers Dynea a fixed price supply security

The challenge

Growing needs, limited availability.

Since its foundation in 1992, global leader in adhesive and surfacing solutions Dynea (Ghent, Belgium) was licensed to pump up ground water from a local deep source to use as process water in their production cycle.

Over the years, however, environmental considerations limited the allowable volumes of ground water intake from 400,000 m3 in 1992 to 25,000 m3 in 2005. Also, Dynea’s reverse osmosis (RO) installation (for high-quality filtration under pressure) was due for replacement, so they faced a significant investment as well as ever more stringent limits on their use of ground water (potential drinking water) as process water.

As their business development plans involved greater, not smaller, quantities of high-quality water, Dynea challenged Water-link to conduct a thorough and independent feasibility study of alternative water sources and all consequent issues of licensing (permits) and operation.

The solution

Outsourcing to water-link .

Water-link analysed all alternatives and recommended to lower Dynea’s dependence on deep ground water availability through partial outsourcing of the water supply. From the local TMVW pipe network, Water-link would be able to guarantee supply security of the desired water qualities and quantities. The technological and infrastructure investment involved would also be made by Water-link, saving Dynea a significant non-core cost (CAPEX).

Dynea’s process water needs are now met by surface water from the nearby Moervaart canal (following a considerable investment in ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) infrastructure) and by water directly from the TMVW pipe network (requiring only piping into the Dynea plant