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Induss V – Namen


Quality, reliability and safety are improving

On the site of a power plant, in the vicinity of the Meuse, electricity has been generated for a few decades, representing a certain power of Belgian electricity production.

The challenge

In 2012, Induss concluded a Water Services Agreement contract with the power plant in Wallonia. The old water installation next to the Meuse initially used groundwater, but the quality was deteriorating. Moreover, the government imposed more and more stricter restrictions on the use of groundwater, so that an alternative solution had to be found urgently and in the short term. The plant needed a new source and a new installation. As for the source, there were two possibilities: tap water or surface water. The tap water option was soon pushed aside because - with the necessary quantities of water and all the additional technical-administrative formalities - it was not economically feasible and it would take too long for everything to become operational. So it would be the other possibility: water from the Meuse. However, the company had no experience whatsoever in treating Meuse water and they could not take risks. After all, the plant was not allowed to stop. That was why they came knocking at Induss. Induss has the specialized knowledge and also has the practical experience gained from other, similar installations and in the preparation of drinking water from the Meuse.

The solution

Because it was so crucial to have a solution in the short term, a conscious choice was made for prefab containers containing the necessary technology. The construction of a real building would have been too cumbersome and too long. The containers were assembled off-site, transported and then implemented on the site. The necessary piping was provided and connected, so water was available within six months.

The solution was meant to be temporary, for a period of three years, but given the success it was decided to extend the service time. That is why some renovation and optimization works were carried out to ensure the proper operation of the installations in the coming years.

Induss provided this customer with a total solution: from water intake to delivery in a buffer tank with various containers.

The installation included:

  • 2 pump containers
  • 2 ultrafiltration units
  • 3 reverse osmosis units
  • 1 water storage tank
  • 1 waste water tank
  • 2 storage containers for chemicals

Both the build-up and the start-up took place under the supervision of Induss and the entire installation is monitored and managed remotely in various control rooms.