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Induss VI - Rütgers

Sufficient and qualitative water from start

Business expansion requires larger amount of industrial water

Rütgers, on the Vredekaai in Zelzate, is a coal tar processing company that produces, among others, phthalic anhydride. Phthalic anhydride is extracted from naphthalene, which in turn is made from coal tar. Phthalic anhydride is used, among others, in the production of plastics, polyester and car paints.

In 2014, the company decided to increase the production of phthalic anhydride by half. In concrete terms, this means that 14,000 tons of additional phthalic anhydride would be produced at the factory.

At Rütgers, each department already had its own water system, but with the considerable expansion the existing demi-water installation had to be expanded to meet the increased production requirements.

Rütgers, however, had bad experiences with managing a demi-water line themselves. There were always problems, there were unexpected downtimes, etc.. Not illogical, since this is not their core business. It was therefore the logic itself to knock on the door of Induss. After all, we are specialized in that type of installations.

The solution

The solution we proposed to Rütgers was the start-up of a DBFO project, in which we would take on the entire process, from the design phase and the construction, to the financing and operation of the installation. This approach allowed us to deliver the project faster and more efficiently.

To be precise, we invested on-site in a container-shaped installation, which guarantees the water supply for the increase of the phthalic anhydride production and provides extra quality. The project was operational in the short time of period and water management is professionally monitored. And that at lower operating costs. Finally, the continuity and future success of any company depends on the availability, costs and quality of water.