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From audit to production in six months

Water-link enters a partnership with waste-disposal company Ivago.

The challenge

Meeting the requirements of a public tender When Ghent-based intercommunity waste-disposal company Ivago saw that their current water supply contract was about to expire, it knew this was the perfect moment to critically review their demin water consumption and management. Should they continue with their current supplier or switch to a better alternative?

The partly state-owned firm sent out a tender for the contract. Water-link answered the tender by trying to find a viable and cost-effective solution that could be realised within the limited timeframe of a mere six months.

In addition to the tight schedule, Ivago insisted on two crucial criteria: reliability and quality. Any successful tender would have to meet a set of specifications which must be strictly observed during the water supplier changing process.

In short, the challenges included:

  • A tight schedule of supply within only six months;
  • High quality requirements, as demin water would have to be used for a high-pressure electricity-generating steam turbine;
  • Continuity during construction and start-up of the new installation;
  • High supply and reliability requirements.

The answer

Sharing the resources of semi-mobile water factory Induss III Thanks to its thorough in-house knowledge, water-link could respond with the precision required to take on a public project of this scale. We were able to fulfill the necessary administrative requirements and supply a quotation based on an accurately conducted feasibility study and stringent specifications. Furthermore, our study indicated an efficient solution.

Induss III is a semi-mobile water and steam factory which was already generating standard-quality water for Eastman, a nearby chemicals company. Since this installation was realised independently from Eastman and placed on a concession obtained on the Ivago site, the project for Ivago could be realised by simply adding a post-treatment installation to the existing water factory, instead of building a completely new one.

The water production process itself is designed to have a minimal environmental impact. In accordance with the EU Water Framework Directive, water-link uses non-vulnerable sources to create valuable water solutions. For Ivago, demin water of a quality lower than 0.2 microS/cm needs to be produced. This was why we chose a post-treatment solution based on EDI (Electro Deionisation). This installation can be bypassed if necessary, and in the unlikely event of failure, it will be backed up by an ion exchange unit or delivery by truck.


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