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The chemical company Kronos has been active in the port of Ghent for 60 years as a producer of titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide is a pigment which is very opaque and is added to many products such as paint, paper, soap, tablets, ..., to make them whiter or to give more shine.

For the production of titanium dioxide, Kronos uses process water in the form of boiler feed water and cooling water. In recent years, Kronos has invested in its own process water treatment plant that produces various process water qualities starting from canal water.

Kronos asked water-link in 2015 to carry out an optimization study on this water treatment installation. This study showed that many optimisations were possible. After all, water-link has ample experience with the operation of such membrane treatment installations on the same type of water, namely Induss II. In a next step, both parties have recently signed an agreement whereby Water-link will be responsible for the operational management of the process water installation. This combined with a number of improvement projects.

The collaboration will start from February 2018. Water-link hopes to be able to use its accumulated expertise on this installation in order to realize operational improvements for the customer.