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Nereus, decentral circular water usage

Gesloten kringloop

Bij waterhergebruik wordt regelmatig gedacht aan het hergebruiken van gezuiverd effluent van een afvalwaterzuiveringsinstallatie.

Maar er zijn binnen een bedrijf vaak ook andere afvalwaterstromen die nog energie, grondstoffen of bruikbaar water bevatten. Denk maar aan het hergebruiken van condensaatstromen voor ketelvoedingswater, spuistromen van koeltorens die opnieuw opgewerkt worden tot proceswater, concentraatstromen die nog nuttige componenten bevatten.

Water-link denkt met u mee om de meest duurzame oplossingen te vinden en houdt hierbij steeds rekening met de best beschikbare technieken.


Nereus is an innovative technology whereby various types of raw water, ranging from rainwater to gray waste water of different qualities can be purified to pure water of drinking water quality, by using ceramic rotating membranes.

By doing so Water-link invests in the reuse of water, which is necessary for not exhausting our natural water resources within the scope of the current climate evolution.

This technology is also very sustainable, because less energy is needed for the different purification steps, due to the use of heat and heat recovery. Moreover, no chemicals are being dosed.

The waste stream offers much more possibilities for upgrading compared to classical purification. The big difference compared to conventional treatment is that a pure water stream is extracted from a waste flow, so that the classic MBR function is no longer necessary. The water produced is purer than drinking water. Depending on the application, minerals can still be added to meet the drinking water standard.

The strength of this approach is that the end customer does not pay more for his water than when he would buy it from the local water company.

With this innovative technology we target various groups:

  • industrial customers with large waste water flows and a need for demineralised water (e.g. food industry)
  • project developers, municipalities and city councils within the context of sustainable renovation and new construction at district level.


Learning more about this innovative technology of decentralized circular water use, contact us here

Nereus technology

The advantages

  • Pure water from raw water.
  • Decentralized, at the customer.
  • Cost neutral, water at the same price.
  • Circular, we close the loop: extraction of pure water and the generation of a residual stream from which raw material recovery is possible

With a sustainable technology because of lower energy consumption.

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This project is supported by Interreg 2 Seas.