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chemie Antwerpen

The petrochemical industry needs mainly ultra pure demineralised water for feeding high-pressure steam boilers.

Both quality, quantity and availability are very important for the petrochemical industry. In addition, the petrochemical industry also needs large quantities of cooling water. The cooling water has a completely different quality requirement than the boiler feed water. It is important for petrochemicals to select the right composition of process water because this results in a longer service life of the installations (Capex), but also guarantees the requirement of less maintenance.

The right water in the right place ensures operational savings and a saving on water treatment chemicals.

Water-link works with fully automatic installations, conform the latest available technologies. Continuous availability, permanent monitoring and adjustment around the clock and every day of the week are an absolute necessity for this demanding industry. This constant reliability, quality and assurance of supply is exactly the strength of water-link.