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Each water source or waste water is always characterized by location, product or company-specific properties. In other words, process and waste water treatment installations always require specific follow-up and process knowledge.

When investing in a new or optimizing an existing installation, it is important to always evaluate the technical and economic feasibility for the final decisions. Therefore a pilot test forms almost always an essential part of the decision process. On the basis of tailor-made solutions, water-link assists you in the complete pilot project, from concept development to installing, operating and follow up of the installation, interpreting operational parameters ... The practical results of the pilot test ultimately form the basis for designing and budgeting of the full-scale installation.

Would you like to test modifications without hindering the existing water treatment or would you like to examin the treatability of specific substreams, which you suspect may have a negative effect on the downstream water treatment? Even then, a pilot project often offers the outcome. Under the motto 'measuring is knowing' you can take the right decision together with water-link.