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Steal company

Better reliability of steel prodcution

The challenge

A large steel company in Belgium was struggling with limescale deposits in their production process. As a result, unexpected production halts occurred, which in turn meant safety risks and led to a loss of income. The company was suddenly forced to look for a quick, temporary, simple and economically sound solution.

The solution

Water-link decided to analyze all available data of the different water qualities used. This analysis showed that the quality of the process water for a high-pressure boiler did not meet at that time. In the boiler feed water, traces of hardness (lime) were regularly found, while the Belgian standard NBN I 01-003 prescribes that the total hardness in boiler feed water for boilers at a pressure of 50 bar may ‘not be traceable'.

Water-link tackled the problem and installed a post-treatment installation on the partial flow line that was leading to the high-pressure boiler and ensured the customer that the last residual hardness would be removed from the boiler feed water. Such an installation comprises two duplex softeners with selective resins that remove all residual hardness from the water.

Water-link now measures the total hardness of the effluent water of the softeners at fixed times and monitors the situation online. When the alarm set values are exceeded, all involved parties, both water-link employees and contacts at the customer, receive a text message. At that time, Induss also ensures an intervention within 24 hours, so that the installation remains free of lime. In addition, water-link takes care of the maintenance of the installation: salt refill, calibration and follow-up of the hardness measurement, preventive maintenance and correcting maintenance.