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Waste water reuse

water-link waste water reuse

The population and urbanization is increasing. The groundwater reserves are decreasing and fresh water is becoming an increasingly expensive product. Moreover, unnecessary tap water is often consumed in industrial production processes.

In other words, the sustainable use of natural resources is the message. The reuse of treated wastewater is fully in line with this philosophy. In this way, the water is not regarded as a waste product, but as a resource for the production process. So less drinking water needs to be used, less groundwater is pumped up and less waste water is being discharged, all of which contribute to a greener company image.

Through a preliminary study, water-link maps out your entire water treatment, your current operation is evaluated and any bottlenecks with regard to waste water reuse are listed. In a next phase, a pilot study can examine both the technical and economic feasibility. On the basis of the results of this study, a full-scale design can be developed and implemented. In wastewater reuse, it is usually also necessary to request an adaptation to the discharge limits in the environmental permit. Water-link can as well accompany you there!